02 November 2008

Do you say "Soda" or "Pop"?

I found this neat map today:

CLICK HERE to see the large version, and the site where it originated.

I find it interesting because I've lived in various parts of the country at different times in my life.

As a child in Colorado, most people said "pop." I grew up calling it "pop," but there were a few rebel "soda" sayers living among us.

My mom and dad tell stories of growing up in the 1940s South, calling it "soda water."

When I went to college for a year in Texas, everyone said "coke." It didn't matter if you wanted to go get a Dr. Pepper or a Sprite, you just said, "Let's go get a coke," or "Do you want a coke?" or best of all, "What kind of coke do you want?" I still slip back into this one sometimes with my kids, and of course, being teens, they quickly correct me, explaining that it is illogical to ask what kind of COKE they want. Sheesh!

My years on the East Coast, most of them in Maine, pushed me over the edge into "soda" territory. I've been saying it for so long now that "pop" sounds funny.

Of course there is also "sodapop" but when I hear that, I only think about Rob Lowe's character in the movie version of "The Outsiders." But I digress.

How about you? What do you call it?

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gardenpath said...

Growing up in Oklahoma, it was pop, but I have been in the east so long that seems strange to me.

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

That is so cool that you posted this! Growing up in Maine I, of course, called it soda but when I went to college in Colorado everyone called it pop including my now husband who grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado.