20 November 2008

What I Love about Autumn in Maine

* Stacking firewood.

* Cold winds.

* Grey skies.

* Raking leaves.

* Hauling said leaves to the town dump.

* Coming home from the dump to find out the cold winds blew all the neighbors' leaves into our yard.

* Did I mention stacking wood?

We still have a LOT of wood that needs stacking. The plan/hope is to finish it this weekend, if the weather cooperates. Next week we have rain and snow forecasted, and since for some reason, I still believe the weather man, I'm insistent that we finish the wood RIGHT NOW.

Ok, back to work...

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Laura said...

Your town accepts yard debris?! Somehow, I feel cheated. Then again, my approach is to cheat: we mulch them with the mower.

Larry's Dad said...
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