22 December 2008

1:00 a.m. Report

Nearly 18 inches, still coming down and blowing everywhere.

This is crazy. Yes, we're still up and still measuring the snowfall like idiots. You'd think we'd never had a big snow before.

I think we're excited because it's nearly Christmas. Also, I have a fixation with my kids getting to stay home from school - without being marked absent. In fact, all semester I've been trying to talk them into staying home for a day. But they keep telling me they have to go to school. I promise to take them out to lunch and to the movies, but still they go. In this short time, they've already been convinced they'll fall impossibly behind if they miss only one day.


So tomorrow, assuming the schools are closed (and they'd better be!) the kids can stay home, we'll bake and play all day, and they won't be behind. Yay!

Can I say one more time that I think it is utterly ridiculous for kids to be in school THIS close to Christmas? What the heck?

Ok, off to bed.

G'night, friends!

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1 comment:

fourwindshaiga said...

We didn't have that much snow. What was the final total? I think we may have had 13 or 14 inches. It took a while to clean up after the plow guy came. More tonight, but I hope it turns to rain.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. I saw the Scarborough bus drop off kids today, so they were in school atleast until today. Hopefully, they weill be off tomorrow.