12 December 2008

"Dramatic Icing Likely"

Those were the words, yesterday, of my favorite radio weather guy. I thought it was a very poetic way of saying something that no one in Maine ever wants to hear. Ice storm coming. Yeah, that's what he was REALLY saying.

And it came. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. That's not saying there isn't a lot of fallout; I guess the comparison is still the ice storm of January, 1998. This was NOT like that. But as of this afternoon, there are still about 200,000 Mainers without power, whether homes or businesses. Lots of limbs down, lots of power lines down. A bit of a mess, to say the least.

But lots of beauty, too. This afternoon, after a blissfully relaxing day of not being in school (and having little to do because the power was out at our house) my daughter ventured outside and took my camera with her.

This is what she saw...

Stay warm and be safe, friends.

Copyright © 2008 - Paulla Estes


Denine G. (in Virginia) said...

Great pictures! Your daughter must have your knack for great picture taking...it DOES look pretty, but I know that isn't enough. I can't reach my brother (in Brunswick) so I assume they have no power. I could never survive without my cell phone, and they don't even have cell phones! So I will have to call another brother to see who has power and who doesn't. I was sent a video of the ice storm in 98, so I know what you had to go through!
For the record, these are the ONLY times I am glad that I don't live there!
Have a wonderful Christmas, and stay safe in all that ice!

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Hello: I like your site and your pictures look almost like our backyard too. We lost power for about 15 hours yesterday. mc

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