05 December 2008

I love living here.

I haven't had the opportunity to write much lately, and the longer I go, the more (or less) there is to tell.

But I have to share what happened today.

It's a busy day. I went to the gym with a friend at 7:30 a.m., and had my day scheduled down to 15 minute increments from there on out. (I might add that I have 15 minutes scheduled in to write on this blog, and I'm ahead of schedule. Yay!)

After the gym, I hurried to Wal-Mart to pick up groceries and various other things that I can't find at a regular grocery store. One stop shopping - gotta love it. I hurried and put all my stuff in the car and then raced off to drop stuff off at the local Salvation Army. After putting all the bags into the big drop-off bin, I went back to the car to get my purse before heading inside to get a receipt.

It was then that I noticed my purse was not in the car.

Had someone stolen it while I walked 6 feet to the drop-off bin and put the bags in? Not in Maine! Besides, there really wasn't anyone else around.

In a panic, I last remembered seeing my purse in the Wal-Mart shopping cart as I put the purchases into the car. Had I left it there? Had someone swiped it while I was loading the car? Not in Maine!

As I broke all local speed limit laws, racing the car back to Wal-Mart, I phoned them and waited (while I drove) as they tranferred me from phone to phone and finally, checked to see if anyone had found and turned in a purse.

A purse, I might add, that didn't have more than $5.00 cash in it, yet it had my debit card, two credit cards (that have just been paid off - yikes), check book, military i.d., and of course, driver's license... not to mention, all sorts of other personal information.

As the seconds ticked by, I tried to remember everything in my wallet so I could call and cancel everything as soon as possible.

Then the Wal-Mart lady came back on the phone just as I drove into the parking lot and said they'd found the purse. I rushed inside and there it was. AND it had everything in it, just as I'd left it.

There are so many places I've visited and lived where this would not have ended well. While there are nice people everywhere, it just seems that there are so many MORE here in Maine.

BIG sigh of relief. :)

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!

Brian Kliewer said...

My mother had a similar experience once. This was sometime in the 1990s I think. Anyway, she left her purse in the shopping cart and drove home.

We got a call from a man in Thomaston later that evening. He spotted it and took it home and held it for her. Everything was fine. There is never a guarantee, of course, but I have noticed this too. There does seem to be a difference here.

Connie said...

Last year Bob and I walked to Taco Surf for dinner and when we rounded the corner from the beach back to our house I realized I didn't have my purse! I ran all the way back and there it was sitting on the chair where I had left it!