16 January 2009

Frozen Morning

As of this writing, it is 0 (zero) degrees fahrenheit on the thermometer outside our kitchen, which means it has warmed up 18 degrees since sunrise.

Yes, we awakened to a frigid -18 degrees. Apparently, however, our area wasn't the coldest spot in Maine by a long shot. Many towns farther inland awakened to temps as low as 30 and 35 below zero. Here is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window:

While seeing temperatures like that on the thermometer outside one's home is staggering, going out into that kind of cold is like venturing onto a foreign planet. Ok, for ME, anyway.

I dressed warmly (yes, I put on layers!) and went out before sunrise to start both our cars. This is what I found on the garage window...

Our cars are more than 10-years-old, so I wasn't sure if they would actually wake up. They groaned and complained a bit, but finally sparked to life. Of course I ran back in to get my camera because it was just so beautiful out there. This photo doesn't really capture the starkness of it all, but to me, the sky looked incredibly cold.

I also took a picture of the thermometer inside the car, because I am officially obsessed with this cold weather.

I was only out there a few moments before the cold really hit me and actually made breathing hard. When I turned to go back into the house, I saw this...

Not that I needed convincing, but this just goes to show that today is a day where it's much better to be indoors than out.

The funniest part, however, was going back into our garage and feeling warmth, although the thermometer on the garage wall read 2 degrees. I always figured that once you get below about 10 degrees, it all pretty much feels the same. Not so. Those two degrees were balmy compared to what was going on outside.

Stay warm, friends.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Scott and Kerri said...

Its incredible how cold it is. We had -42 at our General Store! My car had a hard time getting going and then never unthawed! When I hit a bump...I mean pot hole...It felt like it was going to fall apart :)

Anonymous said...

The allagash had -55 broke a recorded for maine, 1925

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