10 January 2009

Just in time for more snow...

Our garage door broke. It’s not broken in the big sense, thankfully; for some reason, it just won’t move, meaning, the automatic opener isn’t working. Yes, we can open it by hand, but who wants to do that when you are used to just pushing a button? Especially at this time of the year when all the parts are made of frozen metal.

It stopped working last night just after dark and it was about 10 degrees outside. Our son pushed the button to open the door so he could pack his car and go back to school. The door went halfway up and then stopped. The motor kept running, but obviously something is no longer hooked up as it should be. Although it was making noise, nothing was happening.

I did the logical thing – I went and found my husband so he could fix it. He went out, raised the door the rest of the way by hand (what a manly man!) and moved the car out. Then he closed it by hand and said it was too cold to fix it just then. But he got the car out for me and I should be happy. He said he’d fix it in the morning when it would be warmer. Yeah, maybe three degrees warmer.

This morning he didn’t fix it, but he did drive up to Starbucks for coffee. Does that count?

We were out all day and now it is dark again. And although I haven’t inquired, I imagine it’s again too cold to fix the garage door.

And it’s supposed to snow tonight. 3-6 inches.

The good news is that now without the car in the garage, there is a bunch of room out there to put all the junk in my house I want to get rid of. There is also more room for all the junk that’s already there to be rearranged so we can now walk a straight path to the woodpile on the far garage wall.

Really, it’s the little things like that that make life grand. Broken garage door - who needs it anyway? More storage space. Hurray!

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