01 January 2009

The New Year Came in Like a Lion

Or something like that.

A couple of hours ago, I was sitting here on the sofa in our sunny living room, enjoying our Christmas tree for one last day, and watching the trees through the window swaying in the wind. The freezing cold, frigid wind. Major wind today.

Then I heard a BIG truck lumbering down our road. We live on a slow, quiet road, and a big truck would have no business going THAT fast down our road. I actually jumped up to look outside and it kept getting louder.

But there was no truck at all.

It was the wind sweeping down our street. And it was THAT loud.


But the snow never came. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut got plenty, but we got nary a flake. It always feels a little weird when the snowstorm goes south of us. Like we're on the last outpost before the arctic.

Not that I'm complaining. About the snow, I mean.

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