13 January 2009

Winter Birthday

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday - she is turning 15. Both our girls have winter birthdays. The older one turned 16 three weeks ago, on Christmas Eve. Yes, we had them three weeks apart. Ok, three weeks and one year. Either way, it was a big year for us. Of course we planned it that way. Yeah.

Our girls spent their first couple of birthdays in Southern California. We have photos of their birthday parties at local parks or in the backyard. We did everything outside. All year. And the worst part is that they remember it.

Each and every year since then, they both have complained that winter is a lousy time to have a birthday. I'm afraid they will forever associate birthdays with being outside, having cookouts, and such. Their brother and their dad and I all have summer birthdays. They got jipped. And like I said, we planned it all that way - just to torture them.

This year is momentous because not only is my youngest daughter having her annual winter birthday, this is also the first time she will have spent her birthday at school. When we homeschooled, nobody had to do school on his or her birthday. I told her she could take the day off, but she informed me once again that she HAS to go to school. My other daughter volunteered to take the day off for her, but I'm too quick for her - I knew that today is not her birthday. I'm smart like that.

This morning I offered to take the girls out to breakfast in honor of the birthday. They chose McDonald's. Drive thru. Ok, the truth is, I LIKE McDonald's breakfasts, but I would have taken them anywhere. And we could have gone inside! Though, I have to admit that since it's only 2 degrees outside, staying in the car that took 20 minutes to warm up didn't seem like a bad idea.

Here is a photo op of our birthday morning in the dead of winter. It was well past 7:00, but still hardly light out. Yes, I know, we aren't in Alaska, but I still marvel at the amount (or lack thereof) of light in the winter, as well as the single digit temps. I still find it hard to believe that things can LIVE in this weather.

And just so you know, I let the birthday girl have the camera. The following shots are hers...

The bright moon - seems like our only source of light much of the time.

Frozen windows, sleepy sister. This photo was not touched up in any way - looks kind of cool, doesn't it?

Frozen morning ride.

Emo picture. Don't know what "emo" means? Look it up.

Birthday breakfast. And a bit of pout after I took my camera back.

The following are just a few for posterity. And rememberances of warmer times...



Ok, it was last summer. When birthdays should be.

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! :)

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Anonymous said...

Excellent birthday choice for a breakfast snack. Happy birthday to the girls, many more to come...;)

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