25 February 2009

One of these days...

I will actually post a coherent update.

However, until then... some highlights from the past week.

* The kids had a week off school, plus one day.

* We saw about six robins in a tree during a snowstorm.

* On Sunday night, we had a significant snowstorm.

* The power went off just as the snow began.

* The power stayed off until yesterday.

* I hate our elderly, dying snowblower.

* I love our neighbor who helped with the driveway with his younger, healthier snowblower.

* I love hot water. I mean, I really want to hug and kiss it and snuggle with it. I missed it while it was gone.

* I forgot about my son's tropical fish (and their lack of a heated tank) until yesterday morning. Miraculously, they are still alive. Sort of.

* My dad is visiting for the week.

More updates and photos of all this - other than the fish - very soon!

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Connie said...

Hilarious! I cut and paste the highlights and send them to Bob...he still asks once in a while "when is Paulla coming back, I liked Paulla"

Onedia said...

Greetings, I recently searched or blogs written by people living in Maine. Many of us have a romantic notion of life in Maine so I wanted to go to the source. So I will be visiting your site now.

I scanned your postings and am somewhat amused becuase you are ready for the snow to end while we woke to lovely fluffy flakes that ended leaving an inch on our drab, ice ravaged trees and woods. It is drab and ugly here and not cold enough to give respite from the chiggers.

In another post you wrote about the awe of having our new president and remembering life in Texas many years before seeing progress. It is so true and I am so pleased about this wonderful opportunity for out country. Yet this entire week I have waivered between sadness and anger that I live in a community that gives safe haven to bigotry, hate-speak, and narrow thinking. It is a common occurrence and to few people speak against it. So, instead of adding to our house we are waiting out the economic storm and the need to care for our parents then we will leave this area (again) for a place that is more enlightened and more tolerant. For that I will gladly shovel snow and endure a harsh winter.

I look forward to more of your posts. Thanks for letting me get a glimpse into your neighborhood.


Paulla said...

Hi Connie! I liked Bob, too. I still think the two of you need to come to Maine. Can I lure you with lobster?

Onedia, thanks for your comments. I need to be clear about how I feel about snow - I LOVE it - I just don't love dealing with it. I love it from inside, sipping hot cocoa, or from a ski lift. Not from the perspective of a snow shovel. :)

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

Hello, Paulla, I can tell that you like the snow... but we all know too much of a good thing gives us an ache some place on our bodies.

My amusement was not about your reaction to the snow but about how we would gladly switch places with you....yes truly we would. Which is why I am showing up on Maine blogs right now . . . we want to leave the heart of darkness and come your way. So , your blog is heaven sent for a reality check for us. I love it when we are cozied up but then I need to convince the 4 pound dog that he really does want to go out and do his thing in just a few inches of snow (this year ice) . So, keep writing and I will keep coming.


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