11 February 2009

Robin Sighting

Today is another balmy day (35 degrees, but feels like 50 - is that even possible?)

I always attribute the change of season to my first robin sighting of the year. It usually happens sometime in March, and really, it doesn't mean anything as far as the weather goes, but it helps me in my pretending.

Today, however, I saw a robin. We haven't even passed mid-February. Is he lost? Or, do I dare say, does this mean Spring is coming early this year? What about all the groundhog nonsense? The powers-that-be told us that not only will Spring NOT come early, it might not come at all. Ever.

Ok, not really, but some days it feels like that. For me anyway. In February.

Yesterday my husband emailed me the link to one of his favorite comic strips. He says this is me...

Or here is the LINK in case this is too small to read.

And actually, if you follow that link and look at the strip for the NEXT day, I'd say that's more me. Every year I look out at the snow banks that are higher than my head and I wonder about global warming. Every year I bring in firewood to heat our home because it is BELOW ZERO outside, and I wonder, where the heck IS that global warming?

I think it spends its winters in Florida.

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