07 March 2009

Bowdoin College Basketball

Last night we went to watch the Bowdoin women's basketball team in the opening round of the NCAA Division III Tournament. Bowdoin won. Big time.

You can read about it HERE.

Those gals are fun to watch. Here is a photo of three fans in the crowd who had a great time...

And then afterward we decided that in honor of the balmy weather (it was above freezing) we'd go get ice cream.

That big snow bank in the background IS melting - you just can't tell from the photo. Ok, maybe not, but it will shrink a bit today, as temps are supposed to shoot up near the 50 degree mark. Or so they say...

Don't forget the move your clocks forward tonight. Don't you hate that? We could go to bed an hour earlier, but does anyone ever really do that? I didn't think so.

And what - you came here thinking you'd find pics from the game last night? We were in the nosebleed section (such as it is at Morrell gym) and my little old camera is on it's last leg. Besides, it was such a lopsided win, the crowd was much more fun to watch. :)

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