19 March 2009

Last Day of Winter Musings

Today it is 38 degrees and drizzling. The forecast says a rain/snow mix, but I have yet to see a flake. Actually, it seems to be appropriate weather for the last day of winter.

I had a bit of driving around to do this morning and saw three "Vs" of Canadian geese flying north. When I walked out of my house, I heard them before I saw them. That unmistakable crying that indicates the change in season. I looked up and they were going straight over my house. Due north. Isn't that cool? Not only that they know the way north, but that they know what time of the year it is. Never ceases to amaze me.

There's also that scent in the air; you know, the one you can smell when your entire world isn't FROZEN SOLID. It smells fresh. I love that smell.

So in honor of the last day of winter, I think this would be an appropriate time to list all the things I'll miss about wintertime.


Wait, I'm still thinking. I'll let you know when I come up with something.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


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Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

You are daft, but I love coming here.

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