01 March 2009

The Last Storm

Last Sunday, we had a heavy, wet snowstorm that gave us about 8 inches of new snow. But the emphasis is on the wet and heavy. We lost power Sunday and didn't get it back until Tuesday. Thankfully, the garage was well below freezing the entire time, so we put all our frozen foods out there.

As I write this, it is snowing again and 8-14 inches is the forecast. School will probably be cancelled again tomorrow. Sources tell me (in the form of my 15yo daughter) that a certain friend of mine wants to petition the local school district to see if we can lop off a few days from April vacation, rather than letting all these snow days cut into our summer.

I disagree.

I think we should leave April vacation as is, and leave summer as is. If the school officials do anything, they should just make BETTER use of the time they've been given. A few less days really won't make much of a difference.

So Tina, there's my answer. That, and on the first warm day in June, we are hitting the beach, school or no school. Just don't tell anyone. :)

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