04 March 2009

Outside my Kitchen Window

Yesterday as I was doing dishes, something outside the window caught my eye. We have the bird feeders right outside the kitchen window so we see various birds and squirrels throughout the day, but whatever I saw disappeared into a hole in the snow at the base of the bird feeders.

I watched the hole, and as soon as I looked away, there it was again, and when I looked, it was gone. What the heck? Finally, I ditched the dishes and got the camera. I positioned myself over the sink so I could catch whatever it was as soon as it reappeared. I'm stealthy like that.

Here's what I saw:

And a closer view:

Apparently a there are seeds (or something!) under the snow, and the squirrel was making fast work of it. I wanted to go outside or open the window to get a better photo, but the snow wall outside our back door would have blocked my view, plus my going out there would have frightened away the squirrel.

I watched for a while. It bobbed up and down several times and then set off:

As it began to scamper across the yard, I knocked on the window, and it took off like a shot (yeah, I'm mean like that). It was pretty funny - the snow is still so soft that it couldn't really run through it. So rather, it swam over the snow to the nearest tree and left an interesting-looking track behind...

If you look closely, you can see the tail of the squirrel hanging between the two trees. Please ignore the old wagon and various and sundry other junk that is buried in snow out by our shed.

Yeah, I'm photographing squirrels now. And scaring them just to see them move. I just may have cabin fever. I really think sunshine and warmth would help. Or wine. Lots of it.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


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