19 March 2009

These are SO good!

I mentioned that we went to a bakery over the weekend and I had a Peanut Butter Blossom cookie. It was so good that I came home and googled it. Google and I are very close. Google loves me.

So I found this recipe and tried it out today. I confess that I changed it a bit. I halved the recipe (which I usually do when I'm trying something new) and I made the dough balls bigger than the recipe suggests. Why waste time with a small cookie - that way you have to eat more of them. Bigger is better!

So I made them bigger, lowered the temperature to 350, and baked them for 14 minutes instead of 8-10.

And they are heavenly.

Just wanted to share.

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Connie said...

Bob calls those cookies "hats" like a sombrero. I'm learning to knit hats, and making scarf hat sets for my friends..

Huskerbabe said...

Oh Paulla, that's so funny! These cookies have been staples in my family since I was a girl. My grandma always made them. Only we use Brach's chocolate stars because you don't have to sit there and unwrap all the candy. Plus we like them with a little less chocolate. But they are a favorite in our house!

Paulla said...

Well I've had them before, but I never knew the name. (I called them sombrero cookies, too, Connie!) I'll have to check out Brach's chocolate stars. And btw, the cookies I made still aren't as good as the ones at the bakery. Maybe you have a better recipe, Kris... or secret, fool-proof cookie-making techniques? :)

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