24 March 2009

Today on Ellen

I hardly ever watch daytime TV. In fact, the only nighttime TV I watch is Heroes on Monday night, and once in a while I might catch Jeopardy. If we want to watch something, it's usually a movie. (Netflix anyone?)

Anyway, since I discovered Twitter, I have been following The Ellen Degeneres Show. On Twitter.

If you twitter, you can find her HERE. She's a crack up, but I never get to watch her show. Now, on Twitter, at least I get to hear about it, and I also get to catch her little one-line tweets, which are equally funny.

Anyway, I do have a very valid reason for bringing this up, and even more amazingly, it ties directly to our great state of Maine.

Today on Ellen, one of her guests was Kara DioGuardi, the newest judge on American Idol. It turns out that Kara met her fiance in Maine. Yep! Apparently she'd had a few relationships gone wrong, and she had to go all the way to Maine to find the right guy. In fact, she said on the show that, and I quote, "all the good ones are in Maine. They're all up there chopping down trees, or something."

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So yes, I did watch TV this afternoon, and the funny thing was, I caught Ellen because I heard M.C. Hammer was going be on. And the really cool thing is that I found out about all this on Twitter.

If you aren't on Twitter yet, at least check it out. It's so fun!

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Connie said...

This quote isn't about Maine, but I thought you might appreciate it. It is from a book by Wallace Stegner I just finished, "The Spectator Bird" "It is something -it can be everything-to have found a fellow bird with whom you can sit among the rafters while the drinking and boasting and reciting and fighting go on below; a fellow bird whom you can look after and find bugs and seeds for; one who will patch your bruises and straighten your ruffled feathers and mourn over your hurts when you accidentally fly into something you can't handle."

What do you think?

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