14 March 2009


Ok, I've had twitter for a month or two, but I couldn't seem to "get" it. I'm slow like that. Once I get something, I'm totally there and can go to great lengths with it. But getting on board initially, is not one of my strengths.

But I'm there now. I never knew that mundane activities on a Saturday afternoon could totally crack me up. I was texting with my friend Leanne, who lives in California, and we were laughing about twitter. She told me, "I'm following you on twitter now. I'm hoping it will motivate you to lead a more exciting life."

Oh, the pressure!

But I decided that rather than leading a more exciting life, which, let's face it, is not going to happen here in small town Maine, the key to twitter is to find the excitement in the mundane. You know, that dull, drab, boring, day-to-day drudgery called life.

I'm kidding.

Anyway, this is my way of letting the internet know that I'm now on twitter. There are updates on your left in the side-bar, or here is the link: http://twitter.com/HereInMaine.

Happy Saturday Night!

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Kelly And Allison said...


I love your blog and have been following it for a while. I live in Florida but 5 month during the summer, we live in Freeport. That makes me your half neighbor. I LOVE Maine and cannot never understand the question "Why Maine?" I always say "Why not, have you been to Maine?"

I too have the same problem with Twitter. I have an account there but hardly never get on. Whenever someone wants to follow me there, I would think "Why? I am really boring."

Summer already here in Florida. I am looking forward to going back to Maine.

Paulla said...

Thanks for writing, and happy Florida summer to you! I think twitter is making me re-think my whole life. Odd, I tell you. You look at everything differently when it all can be reduced to short online sentences! :)

You're right - Freeport is our neighbor. Stay in touch!