30 April 2009

Be Still My Bleeding Heart

Look what has popped up in our garden.

I still can't get over the fact that all the perennials I planted last summer are coming back up. I mean, I know that's the idea, but after ALL THAT SNOW this winter, it just amazes me.

Spring is so cool.

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Anonymous said...

Just beutiful..:)

Kelly And Allison said...

I am thinking about our home in Freeport, wondering if tulips are coming out. Can't wait to go back to Maine. Enjoy the Spring!

Mary Bullock said...

My tulips are poking their heads out of the ground. I think they might be a little early because of the unseasonably warm weather we have had up here in Maine. But it is so good to see everything turning green again.

jenn said...

Beautiful! My bleeding heart isn't out yet, but I've got daffodils and tulips. Hard to believe that the frozen landscape we had two months ago can possibly be green and growing again, isn't it?

jessica said...

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