25 April 2009

Dang, it's really happening...

I should have knocked on wood two days ago when I wrote all that stuff about the stellar forecast for the weekend and how the weather man had BETTER NOT BE WRONG.

Understand that ALL WEEK LONG, we were told - no, taunted - with promises of temps in the high 70s all weekend. ALL WEEKEND. It got us through the week. It got us through the rain. We thought, "spring is finally here and we're all finally going to get a much needed WARM, SUNNY WEEKEND!"

Sorry about all the yelling. I just can't help myself.

I awakened to clouds and a porch covered with rain water. After sitting here in denial for about a half hour, I looked at the forecast and it now says a high of 62 today. And windy. Tomorrow, they're saying rain. RAIN???

I don't know whether to blame the weather people or my friend Lisa, in Kansas. Yesterday, Lisa told me that each day we seem to be getting her weather from the day before. She predicted, yesterday, that today would be windy. I chose to ignore her. And now there's the wind.

I could choose to hate my friend, Lisa, or hate the weather guy - because this is so obviously the fault of ONE OF THEM. But I could never hate my good friend, so I'll hate the weather guy, whom I hardly know (and in reality, he doesn't know me at all).

Yet if Kansas gets snow today, Lisa will be walking on thin ice. No pun intended.

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Anonymous said...

In Jay maine, it is 76 and NO wind. The weather man did say that it will be cooler on the coast... Hotter inland. Rain for Tuesday?

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

I find that the weather is so erratic here that it has often been disappointing.

Anonymous said...

WOT? My accu weather tells me Sanford/Springvale is 93 today?! (Tues Apr 28)