23 April 2009

It's Spring Vacation at Our House

... "and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!"

Ok, not really. But the schools here are positively evil in their quest to ruin the vacations of the high school kids. To date, every single vacation (including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Winter Break) and every single long weekend has been slammed with loads of homework.

My 9th grader is required to build a musical instrument for science during this break. "No problem," you might say, "Just slap some wax paper over a comb!" Uh, no. This project is all about sound and notes and Mozart and what have you, so the instrument must have at least eight NOTES and it must be played in front of the class. But as ridiculous as it all is, especially since it's assigned over break, that's all I'm going to say about it, because I've already given it way too much attention as it is.

The big news at our house, in our town, heck, across the entire state of Maine, is the weather. We just got finished with three days of rain, and now we are all hanging desperately to the words of our local weather people, who have promised us sunshine AND warmth this weekend. Everyone is talking about it. EVERYONE. The temperature is supposed to be near 80 all weekend, with abundant sunshine.

There will be some very angry Mainers if the weather guys are wrong. Really - I mean, we are all holding onto this weekend's weather rather fanatically - but we ARE doing it and it will be ugly if it is cold and/or rainy. If it snows, someone might just have to die. Ok, not really. Well, maybe.

Well, I'm off to help build a xylophone, dig the lawn chairs out of the shed and marvel that the flowers I planted last year are actually coming back up.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you get the sunshine you are hoping for. This is the odd week and Spring (and there is another one in fall) when our weather in CA mimics your's in Maine.

It doesn't happen often...

Anonymous said...

I mean the odd week "in" Spring.

Babs Blog said...

Good luck with the sunshine!
Spring break + rain = misery!

Anonymous said...

Every day life!!!... you gott`a love it! ;)