03 April 2009

Tourists, Beware.

The stomach flu has come to Maine. If you don't like fever, chills, and throwing up, then stay away - for a few weeks anyway.

Really, it shocks me how many people I know have this. And stupid me, just recently I was marveling at how I've not gotten sick at all this year. Then it hit me yesterday morning as I awakened. I got up to make breakfast (and sack lunches) for my kids, and I couldn't finish. The smell of food - any kind - was appalling.

So I got the kids out the door and then stayed on the couch for the rest of the day (in between trips to the bathroom to throw up, of course). Aren't you glad I shared that?

This morning I feel so much better. Although I still can't eat, the smell of food no longer sickens me, and my head no longer hurts. I do feel a bit like I've been beat up, but I've cancelled everything for the second day in a row, so I'll spend the day much as I did yesterday, rotting my brain watching daytime TV.

Yesterday I had the TV on all day, and I watched it off and on. There were some suprisingly interesting things, but there was also so much drivel. I have to say, the Martha Stewart show is painful to watch - a total yawner, fever or no fever.

Of course, the fever was an issue for me all day because it made me cry about weird things. I cried when I saw Mary Tyler Moore on The View, talking about her diabetes and alcoholism. I cried when they showed clips from her old show. But then I also cried when I saw a preview for the Hannah Montana Movie and a preview for the new Fast and the Furious. I won't try to analyze the weirdness of that - I'll just blame it on the fever.

Now my 16-year-old daughter has the same thing, on top of the fact that she's already exceeded the permissable absences at the public school for this quarter. She's an A student and they're threatening to fail her because she's been sick too many times... unless I jump through the required hoops and walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, which of course I'll do. Once I'm better.

And one of these days I'll resume spring cleaning, but this is not that day.

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Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

I always find that attendance rule idiotic. If you can make an A then you make an A. So silly. Hope you are better soon.

Jim said...

Maybe the govt is using northern NE as a locale to conduct biological testing, planting various strains of flu and other viruses?

Sounds as good as any other RW conspiracy theory making the rounds.j