19 May 2009

Bathroom Makeover

A year ago, I asked for opinions about which flooring to put in our bathroom. We didn't go with either one.

After spending WAY too much time trying to decide which tile to use, we went with a fake wood floor. It's tile material, but it looks like wood.

The whole thing was finished last fall, but I totally forgot to tell you.

Now, after all these months, you can stop losing sleep over it. The floor is in, the toilet is in, and all is well. :)

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Marilyn in Otisfield, Maine said...

Hi Paula,
I'm a new follower from Maine reading your blog. A word of advice on the flooring...if it's like Pergo (composite), make sure you wipe up ANY & ALL liquid spills. I've got it in my kitchen. It's tough as nails (4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 kids), not a scratch to be seen in 8 yrs. BUT, leave a drop of water on it near a seam, and the edge will curl faster than you can blink an eye.

Anonymous said...

The batroom looks great! I just got done having mine redone, We used tile on the floor, and the shower stall is all tile. I love evry inch of it!;)

Paulla said...

Thanks for the tip, Marilyn. We considered this when getting it. Our kids are older now and everyone is on board with babying the floor. :) So far, so good!