11 May 2009

New Hampshire Weekend

We had our last (knock on wood) basketball tournament over the weekend. If you're interested, our daughter is #34 - the one shooting the foul shot. And no, she didn't make the shot, but she has great form!

The tournament was in lovely Nashua, NH, where they have movie theaters that double as restaurants. I know this because I unknowingly took my family to one. As we walked in, I questioned the ticket-taker when she handed me a stack of menus. She told me we could order food from waiters who would come to our table.

This was the coolest thing ever! I've traveled abroad, lived in multiple states coast to coast, and have a college degree. But let me tell you, sitting in a reclining chair watching the new Star Trek movie, while pushing a button so the cute young waiter would bring more mozzarella sticks and hot wings - it just doesn't get any better than that.

I might add, here, that apparently everyone but ME has heard of this great invention. Where have I been all these years? Oh yeah, in the Maine woods - not able to see the forest for the trees. Or the restaurant/theaters.

Upon our return to Maine yesterday, we mistakenly took the scenic route and one simple wrong turn poured us out onto Route 1A in Hampton, NH, right on the coast. Understand that we had been seeing little more than rain and fog for nearly a week. This was a gorgeous, dry sunny day, and as we came around a turn, suddenly there was the ocean, perfect and blue, with the rocky shore stretching for miles. Another surprise - almost as good as the restaurant/movie theater! Ok, probably better.

Upon arriving back in Portland, we converged on my favorite Mexican restaurant in Maine - Costa Vida. I'd been talking for WEEKS about going there. But when we arrived, we found them to be closed on Sunday. Another surprise! But not a good one! We went to a local steakhouse instead and had a great Mother's Day dinner. I got to eat my steak while this guy hovered above my head:

All in all, it was only about a 36 hour trip, but sometimes that's all one needs to get a bit of R&R and a fresh perspective.

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