30 May 2009

Overheard at our house today

Today I made my annual summer calendar. It's 14 weeks (today through Labor Day) of final exams, camps, vacations, appointments, fishing trips, yard work days, beach days, etc., all hand written and crammed onto one piece of notebook paper. You'd think I'd have the whole thing computerized by now, but I normally write it all out while sitting outside in the sun, swatting blackflies.

This evening, I showed my daughters the calendar and they wanted to know when the first day of school will be next fall. Labor day falls on Monday, September 7 this year, so we all assumed (and hoped) school wouldn't begin until the 8th.

But when I checked the district website, it shows that school will start on Monday, August 31.


Then this conversation with my husband ensued:

Me: I don't believe it!

Him: What?

Me: School starts in August this fall. August!

Him: You're kidding me.

Me: No, it says so right here on the district website.

Him: (after a moment of silence) Wow, they really don’t like kids in this state, do they?

So it would seem.

C'mon, Maine - give the kids a break. Summer is so short, and you already have them through more than half of the month of June.

Let's hear it for a petition to make a law that NO school can start before Labor Day. And while we're at it, they all should be out of school in the Spring by Memorial Day.

Too bad I'm not in charge.

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Anonymous said...

How do I sign this in to law...?

Anonymous said...

Haven't kids in Maine been starting school in August for awhile now?

Connie said...

The last person who posted is pretty unsympathetic... Nicole starts summer school at Mesa College tomorrow. It didn't work out with her Visa so she has to go back to consulate in LA again. At least you guys have 13 weeks off!

Paulla said...

I wasn't clear. For me, summer starts today (June 1 has always been the start of summer for me) but our local public school goes until June 19. Yeah. That's utterly ridiculous, if you ask me. Especially when I find out that they start back up in August. It's sick and wrong.

Too bad about Nicole, Connie. I loved the pics of her birthday, btw. :)

Mary Bullock said...

We used to live in Memphis and they start school the second week of August. It just seems so wrong - it is so hot at that time of year - no one wants to think about books and studying. I always felt so sorry for the kids when I remembered how long my summers would be when I was a kid (millions of years ago).