29 May 2009


It's funny, just about six weeks ago, we were marveling about temperatures in the 40s, throwing off our winter coats, and talking about how warm it was.

Then Spring arrived, the snow melted, the sun came out and all was well. We put on shorts and sunscreen. We planted flowers, packed away our coats, and even went to the beach.

And now winter is back! Ok, not really. But it's in the 40s again.

It's cold. COLD! We turned the heat back on yesterday. I'd have started a fire in the woodstove, but what with our son moving back home from college and the ever-evolving cleaning and purging of our basement, the woodstove is inaccessible. Surrounding by boxes. And stuff. Maybe I should burn THAT?

In other related news, our son is on a vacation sweep across the Southwest, visiting family. This week he's in Phoenix, where it is 100 degrees. Every day. He told me that at 9:00 at night, it was still in the 90s. I asked if he had gotten in the pool yet, and he said they'd only been at the house late at night, and it wasn't warm enough. Ok - NOT WARM ENOUGH? In the 90s? I think I might have to smack him for that one. And for all the texts he keeps sending me about how sunny and warm it is.

Lightbulb moment - - burning his stuff would warm me up and make me feel vindicated all at the same time!

No, I'm not bitter. Or mean. Just cold and wet.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Mary Bullock said...

If he brings home dirty laundry - burn that! (laugh)

Anonymous said...

I live north of Farmington, and I normaly have a wood fire going until June. Not all day, just in the morning and evenings. After June, I will be starting it back up around mid September.

jessica said...

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