06 June 2009

Bloody Nose

Today was my birthday. It was a really, really great day. Our son arrived back home after two weeks out west, we picked him up in Manchester, NH, and we all had dinner at Olive Garden. There were lots of laughs, lots of stories, and absolutely gorgeous weather.

But the fun REALLY began on the drive home when we were heading up I-295, just south of Freeport. Suddenly, our daughter got a bloody nose. She hasn't had one in a couple of years, but understand that when she does anything, she goes all out and does it with gusto. Bloody noses included.

As luck would have it, there were only a few tissues in the car, so everyone started digging in their pockets and bags for tissues, napkins, or anything else we could find. As all this was happening, my husband was heading for the next exit so I could rush into the Freeport McDonalds and raid their napkin supply.

But the blood was literally pouring out of her nose. Yeah, eww. So I had a brilliant idea. Ever seen the movie, "She's the Man?" It's about a girl who poses as her brother to play on the boy's soccer team at an opposing school from her own. Cute movie, very funny, and based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

In the movie, as the girl (disguised as a boy) is unpacking her things in the boy's dorm, she accidentally drops a package of tampons out of her bag. When the roommates gather round, asking for an explanation as to why a BOY would have a package of tampons, she quickly explains that she uses them for bloody noses.

Get the picture?

We'd all seen the movie, so when I offered one to my daughter for her bloody nose, she laughed and gladly accepted it. AND, I'm happy to report, it WORKED.

Now that you have that lovely image in your head, I will bid you good night.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Connie said...

Happy Birthday Paulla! What a way to celebrate, that sounds like a great fix though, way more efficient than napkins. Which daughter or does she want to remain anonymous?

jessica said...

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