17 June 2009

Does the Clutter Ever Go Away?

I don’t think so. Over the winter, my big project was to weed out the clutter in our house (and in our lives) and simplify, simplify, simplify. I got rid of a TON of stuff.

Then spring arrived and it was time to go outside and de-clutter the garden, the garage, the shed, the woods around the house, etc. It can be very satisfying to do these outdoor things because they tend to stay clean/neat/clutter free much longer than rooms in the house do.

Then our son came home from college and filled in all the nice, neat, open areas in the basement – with all his stuff. Thankfully, all that STUFF will go away again in the fall (I wish he would stay, but the stuff would go) but until then, once again, we’re walking AROUND stuff in the basement. Understand that my version of clutter free means that I can go into any room in my house and spin around with my arms out like Julie Andrews did at the beginning of The Sound of Music. I might even want to sing, but not while you’re watching.

Still, it seems that there are evil elves living in our home which come behind me and stymie all my hard work. As soon as I bring bags out of the basement to take to the thrift store or the dump, the elves drop papers, boxes, and other items all over the floor that I just cleared. As soon as I clear the coffee table in the living room, freeing it of stacks of magazines, mail, etc., the elves cover it with school notebooks, homework papers, and newspapers.

Now that I think of it, these elves might be of the teenage persuasion. Or I might even be married to one of them.

I guess that will make it harder to banish them from my house. Go figure.

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Connie said...

Yesterday I straightened out our "wet room" (surfboards/snorkel/misc)it looks so much better! As an added benefit I found Bob's old trip diaries (Europe/Asia/India) He biked part of them. I'm reading through them and they are great. Funny comment about a country that will remain anonymous "I haven't seen a good looking woman here yet"