19 June 2009

Grace in the Small Things - One

I have been reading various posts about Grace in the Small Things HERE.

Susan's first post on this was HERE.

The concept originated HERE. And it is at that link that you will find the directions if you would like to participate.

I've been thinking of doing this, myself. I've done this in the past, just not online. I have notebooks full of lists about things I love, things I want to do, things I want to do better, things I regret, things I hope to change, things I'm thankful for, etc.

I am, by nature, a list-maker. I love lists. Lists make me giddy. And the best part of a list is the endorphin rush one gets from checking things OFF the list.

'Grace in the Small Things' is a different kind of a list. This falls into the category of the "Things I am Thankful For" list.

I'm not actually joining the group to do this - I just want to start my kids' summer vacation with an attitude of gratitude, to coin the overused phrase. I don't have an agenda and don't know when or how often or how long I will do this. But I'm doing my first five now.

Here goes:

1. Anesthesia before, during, and after oral surgery.

2. The sound of a steady rain falling on a quiet, do-nothing day.

3. A new oven in which, for the first time EVER, I baked cookies that came out perfectly. Really.

4. Leftovers. (Translation – not having to cook, even if there IS a new oven).

5. An elderly cat who sits next to any of us when we aren’t feeling well. She always knows.

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