03 June 2009

Hornet's Nest

I am watching a hornet’s nest being built in our garage.

Yesterday, I saw what I THOUGHT was a hornet. It was walking around in circles on a thick cable above the back door of the garage.

It was acting very strangely and it crossed my mind that that’s what it might be doing. I've never actually seen a hornet's nest being built. Instead, I've always come upon them, fully built and operational. Scary.

Today, there is the beginning of a nest – only an inch or so, but it’s circular and growing. The hornet is working – very diligently. Does only one hornet make a nest? I sort of figured a whole swarm of them banded together and built one.

I'm now trying to locate the hornet spray, that my husband says is in our messy, disorganized garage (the garage I'm supposed to be cleaning, but I'm instead having a crash course in entomology.)

Ick. I really hate bugs. Really.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Anonymous said...

The good news is, after they sting you they will die. When the nest is at that biulding stage there isn`t alot of hornets around. So just take a broom handle and nock it off to the ground and destroy it. That is the best time to find them, in the early biulding stage. I will destroy about 3 every year around my house.

Anonymous said...

one hornet builds the nest ..it IS the queen with a mission...you would be smart to get rid of it now before you have 1000 to get rid of.

poor queen

your brudda CAREY

Paulla said...


Yep, I killed the queen. It was sad. After all her hard work.

So when are you coming to Maine? :)

jessica said...

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