19 June 2009

Last Day of School

This morning our older daughter had her wisdom teeth removed. There are many things I could say about doctors, the medical field in general, and of course the high cost of health care, but one thing's for sure - - - modern anesthesia and pain killers are some of the greatest inventions known to man.

The first thing dear daughter said when she awakened was, "well, that wasn't so bad. I feel like I just had a good nap." Then, to prove to me that she was awake and coherent, she started speaking to me in Spanish, with a bit of Latin thrown in for good measure. This was through numb, gauzed-stuffed lips, so she sounded like she'd completely lost her mind. The gauze also caused her to have somewhat of a permanent smile, sort of like the Joker. That, combined with the foreign languages, made for quite a show.

Our younger daughter will go through the same thing on Monday. We thought we'd let her watch her older sister go through it first, just to add to her angst. It builds character, you know. At least she didn't have to go straight from her very last final exam, directly to the oral surgeon's office.

In other news, it has been raining heavily all day. ALL. DAY. I cancelled everything today in anticipation of the wisdom teeth, but it's been rather anti-climactic. The Joker went to bed when the numbness finally began to wear off. Our son is out with his girlfriend. Our youngest daughter is off on a last-day-of-school trip to the Maine Mall with friends. So I caught up on some emails and enjoyed the sound of the rain falling on a very quiet house. Something I rarely do.

A while ago, I posted something about it on Twitter. I soon got a text message from my darling son, telling me to go back and check Twitter. He was at McDonalds and it seems he and his equally darling girlfriend had both tweeted back, making fun of my pensive tweet about listening to the rain.

Evil kids.

But really, nothing can dampen my spirits today, because in spite of the rain and in spite of the teeth being extracted (what an awful word, you know?) today is a glorious day. Public school is officially out for the summer.

That makes today a REALLY good day. :)

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