14 June 2009

My Ability to Control the Weather

Over the course of this school year, since I took the plunge and put my homeschooled girls into the public school, I have grown to know (and like) several of the parents that I only marginally knew before this year. One of these parents is a lady I will call Jane, as I don’t think she’ll want me to use her real name. She’s funny about things like that, especially on the internet – and I can say that about her, because after reading this, she will KNOW who she is and she won’t be able to do a THING about it! Ha ha.

So, about Jane. Jane thinks I can control the weather here in Maine. Over the course of the school year, as I bemoaned all the time my kids were spending at “that school” rather than hanging out at home with me, I often wished fervently for snow days. I missed my girls and I thought a lot of time was being wasted at school. Ok, maybe not, but their time wasn’t being spent the way *I* thought it should be spent. So there you go.

It seemed that every time I voiced my desire for a snow day, lo and behold, WE GOT ONE! After about the third one, Jane got a little miffed with me. Ok, she was only joking, but the way she said it made it SOUND like she really thought I had something to do with the fact that it snowed hard enough for school to be cancelled. Ah, the power!

Each time I said something about being ready for another snow day, Jane would shush me and remind me about how long the kids would be in school in June, making up those days. Let me tell you, in the dark, dread of February, I couldn’t have cared less. I told her, “Heck, who cares? I’ll let them skip school in June and we’ll go to the beach!” Of course this was before I learned how snippy the schools can be about going over the allowable number of absences.

Last week I was complaining YET AGAIN about how the schools are taking over our lives. I told Jane that when *I* was growing up out in Colorado, we only had ONE spring break – in March. As much as my kids like being home for both winter break in February and spring break in April, wouldn’t it be better to have just ONE week off, and then end school earlier in June? Jane reminded me that there are so many illnesses going around during the Maine winter that we HAVE to have a break in February, just to air all the germs out of the schools. I hadn’t thought of that.

She seems to have an answer for everything.

So in return, I’m just going to keep on controlling the weather – or at least I want HER to think so. It’s quite entertaining and gives me the delusions of grandeur that help get me through the long Maine winters. Hey, in Maine, you do what you have to do.

And by the way, “Jane,” if you really do think I control the weather, look outside. It is Sunday and pouring down rain. You can rest assured I did NOT order this.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Andrew Mooers said...

Good post. Local farmers know all too well that there is no controlling the weather but you adjust your sails when the wind blows to make it work.

jessica said...

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