13 June 2009

Summer, is that you?

It has been a long, rainy week. It started raining on Tuesday, and was either cloudy or rainy every day until yesterday, when it finally began to clear in the late afternoon.

What's the big deal, you might ask. Four days of rain isn't the end of the world. And look how GREEN everything is. Well, I've finally accepted the fact that the way the sky looks affects my mood. (An aside to my husband: shut up.)

On Thursday, after three days of gloom, two semi-sick kids, a few yucky household jobs I had to tackle, and some annoyances with a certain child who will remain anonymous, I was, in a word, pissy. Everything was bugging me. We rented a video Thursday night and I slept through the whole thing. I awakened to halftime of the NBA finals game 4, and I ended up dozing through most of that. I woke up completely just in time to see the Lakers win. Gee - could things get ANY worse??

Yesterday was much the same. More frickin rain. I got through the day, and then had to take my daughter to an appointment in downtown Brunswick at 3:30. As we walked along, suddenly, there was the sun. I mean, it wasn't just peeking through, teasing us; rather, the clouds parted and there it was - hot and wonderful! I had to be inside for an hour, but I got a seat next to a window with the sun shining through. Ahh - life was good! Everything was happy! Had I been grumbling only hours before? Surely not!

When I got home, I told my husband that I had had a GREAT day. He asked why, and I wasn't even sure. I told him that maybe it was the sunshine. He chuckled knowingly and said, "Ya think?" That's when I punched him.

Not really.

I am glad, for my poor, mistreated kids, however, that they had a week of rain. How cruel would it be for the state of Maine to require them to be at school on a summery day like today? And for their sakes, dare I say that I hope next week is cold and rainy too - so they can get through finals. Then I'll put in an order for sunshine until the end of time.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Anonymous said...

Your cracking me up, STOP! There is a old saying " If you do not like the weather in Maine, wait ten minutes it will change" That said.Some say, "a woman can be the same".

Mary Bullock said...

It is amazing how the weather affects our moods, isn't it. Everybody just feels happier when the sun shines. It really lifts your spirits.

Connie said...

I got sucked into the NBA semifinals/finals this year. Bob usually roots against the Lakers but this year he's for Lakers and I'm for Magic but still bummed that there isn't a Kobe/LeBron matchup. I don't think I can even watch baseball again; too slow.
It has been May gray and June gloom around here though if that is any comfort to you. More sun today than I remember for about 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

first..orlando shouldnt be there..what a fluke!
second. cry more! lolol i kid i kid.
your BROTHER carey

jessica said...

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