24 June 2009

To Boston and Back

We had a meeting in Boston today, and what better way to spend ANOTHER rainy day, but by driving for hours on end? Actually, it was a nice change of scenery, even though in reality, the scenery wasn't all that different. And just as wet.

On the way back, however, as we were driving up the short stretch of Interstate 95 that goes through New Hampshire, we glimpsed a few streaks of blue sky peeking through the clouds, and at one point, we actually saw the sun. So take heart, Mainers, the sun is still up there; it's only in hiding. Well, it's in New Hampshire anyway, so we can go visit it, if we want.

The best part of the day, other than spending it with one of my daughters for some much-needed alone time? We had dinner at Costa Vida in Portland. Their fish tacos are to die for. Really.

I could eat there every single day. And it makes me wonder, is the food THAT much better than all the other Mexican food in Maine, or is getting all jazzed about food just part of getting old? I vote for the former. If you like Mexican and you live in or anywhere near Maine, you have GOT to go to Costa Vida.

You'll thank me.

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Dave White said...

I'm thanking you in advance. Will be in Maine in July and plan to give it a try. Did not know it existed.


Dave White

jessica said...

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