12 June 2009

Wild Kingdom

Let me start with the fact that we still haven't found the mouse. When things like this happen, I always wonder if we will find it long after the cat has licked it to death and left it in some obscure corner of the basement, and we will know it's there because of the odor...


But the really good news is that toads don't move NEARLY as fast as mice. Do you know how fast a tiny field mouse can move? I mean, really - it's like lightning. No, faster than lightning. Mice are like tiny superheroes. They can zip across a kitchen in less than a second, and they can leap tall buildings (or boxes, if you will) in a single bound.

But I digress...

Toads do not do this. I bring up toads because it's THAT time of year again, when a few renegade toads make their way into our basement. Last year, if you'll remember, I stepped on a tiny one, squashing it, but at the same time, not quite killing it. Oh, the horror! Today, thankfully, the toad I found was about the size of my fist. And it was sitting on dark blue carpet, so its camouflage tactics were completely not working.

After the mouse fiasco, I was a bit hesitant to approach the toad. I first nudged it from behind, to make sure it was alive, and when I did, I half expected it to leap several feet into the air, turn a back flip, and zip across the basement into a hidden corner before I could blink even once. Yes, this is what mice do. They are little ninjas, as well as superheroes. But the toad just twitched a bit, barely giving me indication that it was still alive.

I got a bowl with a lid (thank goodness for tupperware at times like this) and nudged the toad into the bowl. It actually closed its eyes, allowed me to push it into the bowl, and I think it sighed deeply. It might have even groaned with pleasure. It seemed to be thanking me for rescuing it from possible torment from the cat, as well as a dry, starvation in our dusty basement. Poor little guy.

The toad is now back outside where it belongs and the mouse is still... missing.

We are actually in discussions about getting a second cat. You know, a newer, speedier model. One that can take down mighty mouse once and for all.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes

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