29 July 2009

Dropping In...

I have been home exactly one week since my vacation out west. And I am still catching up.

Some vacations are restful and relaxing. This one, while lovely, was far from restful. Ever come home from a vacation feeling like you need a vacation? Often those are the worst kind. NOT that I'm complaining.

One of these days I will post photos from SIX STRAIGHT DAYS of sunshine in Colorado and New Mexico. Yes, days and days and DAYS of sunshine do exist on this planet. Just not in Maine.

But I still love Maine, clouds, raindrops, and all. Yesterday we were given a much-needed reprieve and now most of the state is suffering from a sunburn.

They say we'll have more sunshine today - here's hoping!

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Anonymous said...

You spoke to soon Paula.... How about 4 more inches of rain. It is pretty bad when the fish drown, due to much rain. On the brighter side, Glad you made it back safely.

Anonymous said...

Now we have the rain and fog here in Colorad. But as you well know I don`t mind the cool weather. Lori