06 July 2009

Grace in the Small Things – 3

1. Sunshine. Finally.

2. Roses that bloom even though they’ve been waterlogged and largely ignored.

3. Evening primroses that bloom all day, in spite of their name.

4. Kids big enough to mow the lawn.

5. A cool mother-in-law who calls me on the phone and tells me funny stories.

And thanks again to Schmutzie for the idea.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Schmutzie said...

Thank YOU for contributing to the collective vibe!

Connie said...

For me it is a quiet house with a few days off after 5 hard days at work! Loved the pictures of your house. I will get back up there in the next few years!

Paulla said...

Thank you, too, Schmutzie!

And Connie, I would love for you to come back up here! Glad you got some time off, too. You deserve it. :)

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