04 July 2009

Our 4th of July

Hey, look at that bright thing in the sky!

Such a quaint picture of our little town.

Let me just say that our 4th of July didn't go as planned. In fact, patriotic as we are, the day held very little patriotism, other than the flag flying out in front of our house.

Understand that the past two nights involved more mouse-chasing in our house. Thursday night, our cat once again found a mouse in the basement, and brought it to our room and set it free. She then proceeded to chase it around our bedroom at 2:30 a.m., howling and knocking things over until we were fully awake. If I hadn't been so tired, I'd have laughed when my husband was on all fours, looking under the dresser for the mouse, while the cat sat back and watched, licking her paw, mildly amused.

At 5:00 a.m., that same morning, our dog decided he needed to go outside. This is a dog who sleeps in until well past 9:00 a.m. most days.

I think the dog and cat have a conspiracy going, but I'm too sleep-deprived to figure out what it is or to do anything about it.

After having very little sleep the night before, yesterday our daughter had her party, which went pretty much all day. And I have to say, being back out in the sun after so many days of rain was exhausting. Plus, I decided to try out the trampoline for the first time this season. Jumping for 10 minutes and turning three back-flips was just dumb. DUMB, I tell you.

At 6:00 yesterday evening, I fell asleep and had one of the best naps I've had in years. I awakened after 7:00 and realized dinner had yet to be made. Suffice it to say, the evening went LONG. And right before I went BACK up to bed at 1:00 a.m., the cat indicated that the still-at-large mouse was hiding in the living room.

Years ago, I'd have stopped everything until I found it. On this night, I shrugged, turned off the lights and went to bed, just glad the mouse wasn't in my bedroom again.

ALL THAT TO SAY ~ I was thankful that our local parade this morning didn't begin until 11:00. We were all ready to go at 10:30, but as we looked outside at our flag hanging limp in the fog, and as we talked about whether or not we wanted to take a picnic blanket or lug lawn chairs along to sit on the soggy grass, we unanimously decided to go see a movie instead.

Our son pointed out that the movie theater would be pleasingly empty, because everyone else was at the parade.

We went to see the new Transformers movie. Of course, as we walked into the theater, the sun came streaming through the clouds. Thankfully (for us) when we emerged again, it was raining, so our guilt about spending a sunny day inside was abated.

Later this afternoon, my husband grilled steaks out in the rain, and we decided to eat indoors. Just as we sat down to dinner, the sun came out again. I'm telling you, the weather patterns in Maine are schizophrenic.

One cool thing about all the rain? The river near our home looks amazing. Here are a few shots we took this evening, as most of us were deciding to make our 4th of July complete by NOT going to the fireworks show. We're non-conformists like that.

The Brunswick-Topsham walking bridge:

The view downriver, toward the dam:

Below the dam: (notice the trees in the water - it's very high)

And here is where my son decided to put more grey hairs on my head. He climbed on the rocks behind the barrier fence which is there for a REASON. His girlfriend got the shot of me ordering him back away from the water's edge, and behind the safety of the fence once again.

Between the dog, the cat, and the kids,... they're making me old.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

P.S. Still no sign of the mouse. Still don't care.

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Anonymous said...

I love the photo`s..;) Have you been to the wire bridge in New Portland, Me? Growing up in Lisbon Falls, ME, I have crossed the Brunswick bridge lots of times. When we were kids we would pretend that we were taking off in a airplane as soon as we started on the bridge. The tires would rumble when they road on the steel.

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