02 July 2009

Today in Bath, Maine

We were invited to a little send-off today for one of Todd's co-workers who is moving to another job. It was this afternoon at Byrnes Pub in historic Bath. We showed up 25 minutes late, and oddly enough, none of the group was there. We saw one other person we knew, but he wasn't with our group. We sat down at a table so Todd could check his blackberry, and make sure we had the right place and the right time.

Turns out we DID have the right place and the right time. But the wrong DAY. It was yesterday and we missed it.

That's what a month of rain does to your brain. Makes it squishy and limp.

So we laughed it off and walked around Bath for the next hour. Such a charming little town, even in the rain. After pretending to be interested in several of the specialty shops, we ended up where we knew we wanted to go all along. Reny's.

Reny's has everything you could ever want. And more. And then even more than that. Todd found a new pair of reading glasses, and we also got some marshmallow roasting forks and some noodle floaties to use at the lake later on this summer. That last purchase was a total act of faith, as so far this summer, neither the weather NOR the lake water has been warm enough for floaties. Or even swimsuits.

Then we went to Friendly's and stood outside in the cold to order a chocolate malt. You know, to make up for the fact that we missed the party at Byrnes. And then we drove along the river and oohed and aahed at the water level, which is now up among the tree branches.

I've never seen this much moisture in my entire life. I think that when God was planning the weather for Maine this summer, he got Portland, MAINE confused with Portland, OREGON. An easy mistake to make. It can happen to anyone. But now that I've pointed it out, I hope he will be so kind as to make things right again.

We in Maine would be so grateful.

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Kelly And Allison said...

I was just telling my friends today it feels like I am in Portland, Oregon instead of Maine. None of our plants are doing well. Basil not growing at all. But the weather people said it will dry up next week.. but then, we know not to trust them. Right.

Anonymous said...

The sun is bright today, at 3:55pm Jay, Maine.

Anonymous said...

We don't trust the weather people here in CA either. For the last week, they've been promising that the 4th of July will be in the low 90's. But now, they threaten it to be near 100 for our patriotic festivities.

It never fails, it always has to be near 100 when there is a parade to march in.

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