02 August 2009

Four Weeks

Four weeks from tomorrow, my children will go back to school. Actually, one of them will be going back to college in two weeks. The other two go back the end of August, which, although problematic in so many ways, is something I think I'm ready for.

I'd like to say it's been a loooonnnngggg rainy summer, but that would be untrue. It has been a rainy summer, for sure, but it has only SEEMED long.

After all those years of homeschooling, the end of their first year in "real" school brought visions of spending days at the beach, going to Funtown, and having hours on end to walk to the local ice cream shop with friends, jump on the trampoline, run in the sprinklers, and go on long walks in the twilight hours. Instead, they've spent most of the summer indoors, watching movies, playing video games, and doing indoor things... you know, all those things they do during WINTER breaks - without the added option of going skiing.

As of today, August 2, we have gone to the beach ONE time.

We hswam at the local pond ONE time.

The kids have jumped on the trampoline maybe three times.

We've gone to get ice cream in the car, dodging raindrops as we ran into the ice cream parlor. And we wore sweaters.

The sprinkler has not been on AT ALL this summer. In fact, I don't think I ever even took it out of the shed.

Long walks in the evening have been wet; and on the rare dry evening, the mosquitoes have been so prolific due to all the rain that being outdoors after sunset is nearly unbearable.

We have not gone to Funtown, Aquaboggan, or Canobie Lake.

If you don't believe me (and if you didn't believe all my complaining about the weather all summer) then read THIS. I ask you, is that a record we really want to break?

I vote no.

Ok, ok, at the risk of sounding whiney, we DID spend some time in Colorado and New Mexico visiting relatives and enjoying CONSTANT sunshine. But really, the best part about living in Maine is the lovely summertime, and this year, we got ripped off because Maine forgot to have summer until JUST NOW.

So over the next four weeks, we're going to try to cram in all these fun activities - amidst the fact that I just got a new job. (I figured, with all this rain, why wait til school starts - why not now?)

And then I will send the kids back to school so that they can start having fun again and so that I can rest.

And I'll just bet that THAT is when the sun will really come out. You know it's true.

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Connie said...

What's your job?

Mélanie said...

Yeah..Maine is rainy...but it is so beautiful, so "romanesque" as in Douglas Kennedy's books. I really enjoyed my stay in Maine last june (though it rained a lot :-)) but I understand that it must be a bit long when it happens so often. I live in Paris and every summer I go to the US because you have such great landscapes ! Enjoy yourself and keep on writing about this wonderful state !

Mel, Paris, France.

jessica said...

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