31 August 2009

Heard at our house tonight...

Me: "Why don't you go spend a few extra minutes of quality time with your daughters since they're going back to school tomorrow?"

Him: "Sure!"

* A few minutes later *

Daughter: "Dad, gosh, leave me alone! Stop bothering me!"

Him: - Maniacal laughter -.

Sigh. ALL these children...

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thekakistocrat said...

Just thought I'd share a rather random thought with you - I've just read "Little Women" by L M Alcott and would heartily recommend this book, which is, of course principally targeted at younger readers. The iPod/Xbox/Playstation generation is likely to find it somewhat preachy and sentimental, and an adult (like myself) would probably find it lacking in rounded character development, but the values and principles explored therein are virtually timeless. I think your daughters could do much worse than to read (or re-read) this classic of American literature!

Paulla said...

Hi - thanks for the suggestion. They've actually read the book, as have I. It's a good one. :)