02 September 2009


After the comment on my last post, I suppose I should clarify what was going on when I wrote it. I forget sometimes that people reading these words do not know us personally.

My husband is a practical joker, pure and simple. I could write a book on the things he's done to us all - oh the torment! And in a bigger sense, much of our family dynamics is based on humor. We joke around a LOT. We all know how to take a joke (usually) and we know how to laugh at ourselves. Bottom line, we don't take ourselves very seriously and we have a lot of fun.

So when I told my husband to go spend quality time with our daughters, here was the scenario...

It was the night before the first day of school. Our house was buzzing with the typical back-to-school goings-on. Clothes had already been chosen for the next day, and I was in the process of putting lunches together. One daughter was in her room and one was in the living room; both were putting together their backpacks, notebooks, etc. for the big day.

After my suggestion, Todd decided that everyone was entirely too nervous and serious, so he sat next to our younger daughter on the sofa and started staring at her. When that didn't work, he poked at her arm. When THAT didn't work, he tickled her. It was at that moment that I heard the cry of frustration from my daughter - - and of course, her dad skulked away with mock hurt.

After that, father and daughter exchanged a series of very strange text messages that most of you wouldn't understand, so I'll spare you. Suffice it to say, the ice was broken and my daughters can add this little scenario to the long list of reasons why they will one day need therapy. :)

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Connie said...

I got it when you posted it....I could kind of picture Todd being "evil" We are off to Greece/Turkey tomorrow, meeting Nicole there. Connie

guideall65 said...

Paulla, there is no need to Clarify. Sounds like a tiypical Farther, and daughter relation ship. I like it.;)