06 October 2009

He's taking me WHERE?

I think I've posted here before about the fact that nearly a dozen years ago, when my husband was fresh out of the Navy and looking for a new career, my only request was that he move us to a place WEST of the Mississippi.

Uh, yeah.

Obviously that didn't happen. One might say that my husband has a confused sense of geography. Or one might say that he didn't give a flip where I wanted to be; he just needed a job. One also might say that it was divine intervention, as I was at a point in my life when I needed a bit of distance between myself and my extended family (all of whom happen to live west of the Mississippi).

[Aside to extended family: Love you guys - all is well now! :)]

Ha. Believe it if you dare.

Also remember that I've been sick for two weeks and I'm still on the mend, so if I sound snarky or snippy, kindly look the other way.

The POINT of this meandering story is that for all the years that we have lived in Maine, I have been thanking my dear husband for bringing us here.

Yes, really!

What? You may be asking if I thank him during the bitter cold winter months when we are surrounded by snow measured in feet and our days have 16 hours of darkness. The answer is YES.

I love it here. I LOVE it here. I'd be lying to you if I said it was perfect. I mean, there are those cold winter months with all the snow and lack of daylight. We also have PEOPLE here, which means, we have traffic (though most city folks wouldn't call it that), we have political disagreements, we have a bit of crime, and we have most of the problems that can be found elsewhere.

But there is so much good here, that it far outweighs the cold. The people are so danged nice. Not fake nice - just nice. The scenery is so beautiful. The air is so clean. The towns are so small. Sometimes it almost feels as if we're playing real life. Like, if we have municipal issues or town budget problems or tax hikes or some such thing, we can just elect one of our friends to fix it all up. And they will. That's not quite how it is, but that's how it FEELS... if that makes sense.

Last week we drove to Sabattus to our favorite apple orchard. The road was narrow and quaint, the pumpkins prolific, the trees just beginning to change. Young kids were riding their bikes along country roads. Without helmets. And it was NEAT. It seemed more real somehow.

Today I drove along Coastal Route One and the foliage was simply amazing. Every year we see this and every year I think I'm going to get used to it and maybe become complacent about the beauty. Never. I find myself oohing and aahing in the car alone, wishing someone were there to SHOW it to! And if that wasn't enough, a lone bald eagle was soaring overhead, peering at the river down below.


So I broke the cardinal rule and sent my husband a text message while I was driving. (Ok, really I was at a red light, so it was ok). I simply thanked him yet again for bringing me to Maine.

I'm not sure if he even gets how much I mean it. So I'll say it here for all the internet to see - - -

Thank you, my sweet husband, for bringing me to Maine!

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truewonder said...

I recieve your blog through the email and love it. First time commenting...I would have never known you did not come from Maine- you write as if you belong there, (if that makes any sense...)
I am moving to Maine from Illinois is 3 short weeks.
And am no sissy when it comes to whatever the outdoors brings- but the snows and cold and darkness may just make me know what I'm really made of. Or am lacking....
Enjoy your column very much, your sincerity and candor. Just like a Mainer!

Vanessa said...

I guess that answers my question! Wonderful to hear!

ira said...

Maine is a wonderful, little place on this earth, especially in autumn. It's fabulous and I understand why you're thankful for being there!