21 October 2009

Slightly Past Peak

Today my boss/co-worker/new BFF and I hiked up and had lunch at the top of Bradbury Mountain in Pownal. (Yes, Bradbury Mountain again - I know, I know - can't I go anywhere new? No.)

As I drove into the parking lot at the trail-head, the thermometer in my car read 61 degrees. That might be a bit of a stretch, as my car is always optimistic about the weather, but it WAS lovely out there. We got to the top of the mountain and saw this:

And then when we sat down to eat, we were swarmed (literally) by lady bugs. Yes, lady bugs. It was an odd sensation to be swatting at the slow-moving, awkward-flying little gals, but swat we did. They were everywhere. I've spoken to other folks tonight who say it's like that all over the area - lady bugs galore. What does that mean? That it was a rainy summer? That we should expect a mild winter? A harsh winter? A flood? An earthquake? The end of time?

I mean, it was THAT weird.

Ok, so we enjoyed the pretty foliage you see in the photo above, which was pretty much past peak. In fact, from far away it looked colorful, but up close, we saw a lot of this:

Either way, if you're looking for some fall color, you'd better get out there ASAP. The leaves are falling and we have more rain and wind forecasted this weekend. Oh wait, I didn't say that. Sunshine forever! :)

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