27 October 2009

You know winter is coming when...

... when you hear a rumbling noise outside and you think it might be a snowplow. But then you realize it was your husband's stomach.

... when you have a constant feeling of panic about getting all the leaves up before the first snow.

... when you know you probably won't get all the leaves, because often they don't all fall before the first snow.

... when you wear a scarf each day - and not just to make a fashion statement.

... when the dog no longer takes his time going out for the last time each night.

... when you get the urge to bake. Today I made oat bran muffins, sourdough bread, and there is pumpkin bread in the oven right now.

... when you excuse any weight gain (from eating the above comfort foods) by saying things like, "Yes, but I need the extra insulation for winter!"

As I look out at our lawn, there are SO many leaves already on the grass, the driveway, the porch, the garden, and in the woods. But when I look up, there are so many MORE LEAVES still on the trees. Deciding whether or not I want them to hurry up and fall or to stay up there (and thus miraculously hold off winter, which really would never happen) just makes my brain hurt.

Want a piece of pumpkin bread? Mmmm!

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