05 November 2009

First Snow

Really. It's been snowing off and on all day.

I was commenting to someone this morning that I love how at this time of the year, my memory of last year's snow seems to disappear completely. I get excited about the snow and I even (gasp!) welcome it. Of course, by mid-January, my memory will be back intact and... well, you know. It's sort of like childbirth - the forgetting part, anyway.

A lady I work with mentioned that she wishes there would only be enough snow to cover the grass, but not require any shoveling on our part. I LOVE this idea. In fact, not only would this fantastical, mythical snow cover only the grass and not the roads, it would serve double duty by covering up the leaves that still need to be raked. And miracle of miracles, come spring, the leaves would have magically disappeared. Woo!

Be it snow, rain, or leaves, there always seems to be something falling out of the sky at this time of the year.

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Al In The County said...

Hooray for first snows. Its the twelfth snow that really gets to ya...

Dave said...

Paulla..Love your pics. Wifey and I just returned from Brunswick and Orrs, shopping for a new home. Taxes are killing us in upstate NY. Your pics are very inspiring. Only 9mo's to retirement!!!!

Paulla said...

Dave - that's great! I'm so glad you get to come to Maine. Orr's Island is heavenly. And 9 months isn't long... :)