20 December 2009

Christmas Break

Friday was the last day of school for two weeks and we are now, officially, on Christmas Break. Shh, don't tell anyone. I'm breaking all sorts of rules and stomping all over everyone's civil rights by calling it that. The schools here (probably everywhere) are now so painfully P.C. that they won't even call it "Holiday Break." No, this is Winter Break 1. Yes, Winter Break 2 will be in February. Whatever. Gag.

The funny thing is (and I know I've harped on this before), 99% of the folks in this school district celebrate Christmas. No, they may not all be Christians, but we all know that Christmas is not just a Christian tradition anymore. Without going into the problems with THAT whole issue, let's face the facts that Christmas is an American holiday as much as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. Changing it and not allowing people to wish someone a Merry Christmas is just absurd.

Just to prove a ridiculous point, come next summer I'll be tempted to wish folks a happy mid-summer break when they have off on the 4th of July. Maybe I'll even become offended if someone wishes me a Happy 4th of July. After all, it won't mean they're just being nice and friendly, it will mean they are trying to push a government program with which I just might have a problem.

Stupid? Ridiculous? Yeah. My point, exactly.

Merry Frickin' Christmas.

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