26 December 2009

Our Maine Christmas

We had a white Christmas here in Maine. It hasn't snowed for several days, but you know how it is - once we're in December, pretty much anything that falls, stays. We usually don't get back above freezing until April.

But then the forecast for today is a high of 38 with rain. Go figure. At least we were spared this nonsense on Christmas.

Christmas at our house was the way I like it - quiet, unassuming, and without a definitive schedule. I live my life by schedules, most of which are not made by me, so it was nice not to be forced to awaken, to be somewhere, or to have dinner cooked at a specific time. Now that our children are all big, my husband and I were the first ones up. We shared stockings, had some quiet moments near the Christmas tree, and then started making our traditional Christmas breakfast together. It was lovely.

It was a day of gift-giving, music, naps, movies, food, and pondering the true meaning of Christmas. I have many friends who talk about how stressful Christmas can be when getting together with extended family, especially when the conversations turn to religion or politics or anything else that sparks disagreement. I'm thankful we didn't have a day like that in the least. Even though we're all pretty much on the same page in those areas, we still have typical sibling issues that every family has. But yesterday, everyone got along and played nice. Thanks, kids! ;)

I do have to comment on the gifts my husband gave me. He wrapped up several huge packages of candy (the kind one might buy to pass out on Halloween) and presented me with all my favorite kinds. And he also bought me the Wii Fit. So what that tells me is that he wants to fatten me up and then slim me back down again. Or something. Can you say "Mixed Messages?" Haha.

One Christmas blessing is that our cat is still here. A couple of weeks ago, we took our 14-year-old cat to the vet (sister to the one which died last year) and discovered the sad news that she has cancer. We were told it wouldn't be long - whatever that meant. My prayer was that she would make it (happily) through the holidays, and I am pleased to say that she is still eating, purring, and though slowing down, is still generally a happy cat.

I hope all of you and yours had a Merry and Blessed Christmas this year. Now, to get through the REST of the winter...

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Colleen said...

Merry Christmas! Love the mixed message presents!

Connie said...

Paulla, I love your blog! We didn't do much.. On Xmas Eve my church didn't even have a service! I did one with candlelight at our house and a prayer mostly for the recovery of Soba. My birthday is next week. I gave Bob a free pass because there has been so much extra work with the puppy. I am going to dinner at my favorite place "The Fishery" which we can walk to and dvd of my choice plus he has to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" next Xmas season.