09 December 2009

Pre-emptive storm preps and being wrong

Those two things in the title go together because I was wrong about the snowblower and the snow - - so much for superstition. This morning, before dawn, I am getting ready for the impending first-big-storm-of-the-season. We can see it on the radar heading our way, and school has already been cancelled today... though not a flake has yet to fall.

Wood stove cleaned out - check.

Fire in wood stove - check.

Firewood stacked in garage - check.

New snowblower filled with gas and ready to go - check.

Laundry started early in anticipation of power outage - check.

Grocery run yesterday, along with ALL the rest of Maine - check.

Kids sleeping in and enjoying a much deserved day off - CHECK!

Copyright © 2009 - Paulla Estes


Kerri said...

Yup! Ive been out and got all those things done too. Putting on a big pot of chili and making some corn bread before out power goes out!

Connie said...

Hilarious! We have such an easy live here in SOCAL. I told Bob this and he said "what do you mean? it got down to 50 today....

Pearl Maple said...

Too funny, having sat through many a hurricane/blizzard preparation that failed to show, can understand but then again, when a storm does hit town, worth every stick of firewood that was stacked.

Happy Weekend!