05 December 2009

This and That

My Christmas present from my husband came early.

Yep, a new camera lens. This is so we can take those fast action shots at our daughter's basketball games... among other things, of course.

So last night we went to the first regular season game. Our daughter's first real varsity game - how exciting! We practiced with the new lens on the JV game - and it worked wonderfully. Then when the varsity game started, we were so excited, we forgot all about the camera.

Not. One. Photo.

But hey, we enjoyed the game. And no, they didn't win; it was an off night for the team. But they all worked hard and have a great season ahead.

Now if only we can remember to take pictures the next time...

* * * * *

In other news, the weather has been amazing here in Maine. Above 60 degrees on Thursday, and well into the 50s yesterday. We were stringing up Christmas lights on the house without wearing coats. It was reminiscent of our Christmases in Southern California, though out there, I strung Christmas lights on palm trees... wearing shorts. Ok, so it's not quite THAT warm. But still.

Of course tonight we have snow in the forecast, which is quite puzzling to me. You see, we bought a brand new snow blower this year, as our other one finally bought a ticket to the boneyard. But normally, making a large purchase of that kind will cause the universe to implode just a little and give us no reason to use it for the first year or so. In fact, many of our friends and neighbors thanked us, because our purchase meant a mild winter for them.

So obviously, the forecast simply must be wrong. Our new snowblower guarantees that it cannot snow this winter. At all.

You're welcome.

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